Due to the current Covid situation, we have decided to halt our in-person acting workshops until it is safe to host them again. However, you can still access our online screen acting course ‘Unboxing: Screen Acting’ right now!

One Foot in the Door’s screen acting workshops are designed to help actors gain experience and develop skills specifically for acting on camera.

Has your training been mostly for stage acting? Or have you maybe had little to no training at all? Our workshops will give you useful, actionable tips that can be used straightaway and will improve your on screen performance.

Acting for the camera is very different to acting on stage. You need to think about adjusting volume, framing, business, marks, and much more. You could give the best performance of your life but, if the editor can’t use it because you’re inexperienced and don’t know what’s needed, you won’t make the final cut. Our screen acting workshops are designed to help you give a performance that makes sure your good acting is usable when it comes to putting together the final product.

Fortunately, the skills required are easy to put in place once you know what they are and how to use them. Our screen acting workshops will teach you exactly that.