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Award-Winning Short Film, Creation

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We’re delighted that the short film created by One Foot in the Door’s founder and director, Ruggero Dalla Santa, is now available on YouTube! Creation is a short film that follows Adam, a man who wakes up in an empty room with only a laptop at his disposal. When he begins to type, the world […]

Screen Acting Tips: Misreading your Scenes

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Do you completely understand what’s happening in your scene before you start acting it out? Is it possible that you’ve only looked on the surface, failed to delve deeper, or completely misunderstood? Today Ruggero discusses the risks of misinterpreting a scene that you’re acting in and how it can negatively affect your performance. Transcript Hi, […]

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5 Tips for Your Showreel

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If you’re ready to create your acting showreel, you want to make sure that you’re doing everything right. Here are five of our top tips for making a showreel that will show you off in the best possible way. 1. Keep it short You are not making a feature film here. Your showreel will be […]