Acting with Style – Screen Acting Workshop


Two-day intensive screen acting workshop.

How to adapt your screen performance effectively to different styles and genres of projects.

New dates for this workshop are TBD, but you can check out our practice-based online screen acting course Unboxing: Screen Acting right now!

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How to adapt your screen performance effectively to different styles and genres of projects.

A big part of any acting training is the ability to be ‘believable’. Every actor knows that and we all take for granted what that means.

However, there is actually a huge difference between being believable in a broad comedy like Scrubs or Friends and being believable in an extremely subtle movie like Drive or Only God Forgives, where most characters hardly ever express any emotions.

So how can you give your best performance if you don’t know what type of performance is required in the first place?

To make matters worse, working on camera means that there is no rehearsal process, you don’t usually meet the director until you’re on set and you are pretty much expected to give the same performance you gave at the audition (or on your self-tape!).

That means, you need to figure out what style of performance they’re looking for all by yourself ad then give that performance without any help!

I have identified five key types of performance, which will help you give your best on any kind of production:

– the Super Subtle: an extremely subtle performance that hardly ever gives anything away. Typical of movies like Drive, Only God Forgives, The Lobster and many others.

– the Full Range: a performance that can go all the way from comedic to subtle, though it normally avoids the extremes. Typical of productions that have both comedic and serious moments, such as Marvel movies, big blockbusters, dramedies, etc.

– the Comedic Subtle: a performance that is very similar to the Full Range one, but in a production that is expressly comedic. Typical of productions like Fleabag or The Office.

– the Comedic Broad: a performance that remains pretty much always in the comedic register and is generally much bigger and theatrical than all the previous ones. Typical of comedies like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Friends, Scrubs.

– the Commercial: a performance that is completely exaggerated and only believable within its own context. We are looking specifically at comedic commercials that really push the performance out of normal comfort zones.

In this two day intensive professional workshop you will learn:

  • How to analyse the style of the piece and identify which kind of performance is needed
  • How to deliver a performance that fits in well with the style of the production
  • How to create a performance that will read well on the screen


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The materials for the workshop are copyrighted, so the applicants will need to sign a standard non-disclosure agreement in order to attend.

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