Award-Winning Short Film, Creation

Creation Short Film Poster Image

We’re delighted that the short film created by One Foot in the Door’s founder and director, Ruggero Dalla Santa, is now available on YouTube!

Creation is a short film that follows Adam, a man who wakes up in an empty room with only a laptop at his disposal. When he begins to type, the world of his imagination becomes reality.

Beginning with a basic desire – sex – Adam creates a beautiful woman for himself but soon discovers that he needs more. Through the touching and often funny tale, Adam learns more about himself and what he really needs to be happy. But is his seemingly perfect life about to be shattered?

Ruggero’s film was selected for a number of festivals. It also won Best Film at the Muybridge Short Film Festival and received an Honourable Mention at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival.

The cinematography for the short film was done by BAFTA award-winning Director of Photography, Arturo Vasquez.

Watch the full film now: