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5 TIPS for your SHOWREEL

There are lots of factor that influence how effective your showreel is, however some things are more important than others.

So here are 5 tips for a great showreel!

Number 1: Dialogue

Acting is reacting, so monologues are not a good idea because casting directors need to see how well you act with others. Action scenes with no dialogue are also not a good idea, so avoid any silent scenes.

Number 2: Close-ups

Casting directors need to see how well you act and the best way to show them that on camera are, of course, close-ups! This doesn’t mean you can’t have a wider shot in there, but most of the screen time should be spent in a tighter shot so we can see you clearly.

Number 3: Variety

Never waste a casting director’s time so, if you have two clips where you’re playing pretty much the same character and pretty much the same emotions, just pick one! It might be tough to judge this on your own, so ask someone for feedback. A good showreel editor should be experienced enough to be able to advice you on this.

Number 4: good production value of the clips

Remember: your showreel represents you, so you want each clip to look absolutely professional. And remember that sound is much more important than video!

Number 5: Short and Snappy

When in doubt: make it shorter, make it snappier. Casting directors are not watching your showreel to enjoy the story. They’re watching it to decide whether to call you in for an audition or not, so give them just enough to like you and to want to see more.

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